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Don’t Apologize for Tutus

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A couple of weeks ago I posted an art piece by my sister’s best friend Diana Contreras. I have always thought Diana, or Didi as I know her, was a great artist, but recently she has become quite popular. She was on CNN and The Huffington Post Miami this year.

What I love about Diana is that she is not afraid to use pink, draw ballerinas, or take her art to the street. Her art is unique and illustrative of romance and female empowerment. It is not easy being an artist, much less a female artist, even much less a female artist whose art is fun and at times cartoony. In art class “Didi” was not allowed to draw “illustrations” and “street art” but Diana took on the challenge with the bravery of a true artist.

Diana Contreras is a public school art teacher during the day, and a pretty good one if you ask her female student who won the South Dade NewsLeader/Homestead-Miami Speedway contest in art for drawing a Nascar race car.

At night she works on her art at home where she lives with another female artist Cristina Isabel Rivera. Although Diana never went to art school, instead choosing to study art education, she has not given up on her dreams and she makes art because if she didn’t—she would die. Okay that’s hyperbole but its in her code to express herself, so she does.  

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