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 VICTORIOUS By Diana Contreras

Today I want to spotlight some real life super heroes: Midwives. When I was seventeen my bestfriend got knocked up and had a c-section at Kendall Regional Hospital. At the time Kendall Regional had a 50% c-section rate, which was better than their all time high at 70%. Mind you the normal rate should be less than 15%.

I went to visit her and she was in horrible pain. She called the nurses three times to see why and they just kept giving her pain medications. Then she started screaming like someone was stabbing her over and over again. It was tramautic for me to say the least. Finally a nurse came in and asked her if she had urinated since the operation and she said no. Her bladder was so full that it was putting pressure on her wound and no one thought to bring her a bed pan. My best friend Paula asked everyone to leave the room except me so she could pee. I was happy to be there for her but I had to hold back tears as I smiled at her and tried to do my best faucet impression.

I got preganant two years later and swore I would not have C-section and that I would not have my baby in a hospital. I was going to be like my Grandma and I was going to have a natural birth. Boy did my confidence slap me in the face. I ended up going through 20 hours of labor! If it was up to my son he would probably still be in my belly today.

At one point I thought “You had to be different huh? Now look at you. You think your a bad-ass but you should have just gone to the hospital.” But the midwives believed in me, as did my mom, my dad, and my boyfriend. I finally did it. I did not tear and I gave birth to a 9 pound baby (what can I say I love food). Sheri Daniels was there and she litterally wrote the book on Midwifery. She had delivered over 7,000 babies and she said to me, “You’re tough as nails kid.”

I have gone through a lot since then and in the face of adversity I look to those everyday heroes who believed in me. Right now the University of Miami is kicking my ass, but I just think about how I went through a 20 hour labor, so I can do anything, no fear baby; I got this. Thank You Midwives, you make the world a better place for those who dare to want it that way.

“A woman doesn’t need to be rescued.  It’s not the place for the knight in shining armor.  It’s the place for her to face her darkest moment so that she can lay claim to her victory.” ~ Cara Mulhann on The Business of Being Born


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