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Why I won’t miss Marvel/DC: Punk Rock Jesus

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Punk Rock Jesus is an Epic written as a five-issue mini series. I am not sure why it is not a continuing series, because it definitely should be. The story revolves around several characters who seek redemption in an insane world. It’s part Truman Show, part Boondock Saints and part 20th century Bible story!?!

In the future… where corporate greed still rules over the media, the hotte$t reality show on TV follows the clone of Jesus from birth to who knows when. With the Vatican’s approval, a genius scientist clones Jesus because she is promised unlimited funding for her save-the-environment project, which involves engineering a bacteria that would absorb CO2 in the atmosphere and provide clean energy. She is an atheist, who soon regrets her choice and realizes that you don’t make deals with the devil incarnate, a reality TV producer.

If you want an awesome story about being the star of a reality TV show, and literally being the second coming mixed in with science and modern relevancy, then you should check it out. It is missing nothing and the art is spectacular without colors. Sean Murphy draws and writes this revolutionary comic, and it is hard to believe this is his fist time writing. Then again all artists are writers and all writers are artists. Cheers to you Murphy and keep it coming!


Author: nancycermeno

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