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Because the Big Two have failed us both

Greg Rucka writes excellent fiction that feels real. His stories are appealing in the same way new stories are, and they mix the hard news with the human interest feature. His characters demand your respect even when you see them dig their own grave. They are real heroes in search of something true, and as much as they suffer you wish they were real. I am looking at you Tara Chace, the better sex version of James Bond. She is a woman who does a man’ s job better than any man, in fact she is too good at her job.

Rucka explains, “I write strong female characters”  and tells how.

Rucka created DC’s first lesbian superhero, and he did an awesome job writing a story arc about her outstanding military origin and discharge because of “Don’t ask, Don’t tell”.  After issues with DC making promises they never intended to keep, he stopped writing Kate Kane as Batwoman.

Marvel is canceling his Punisher book on extremely short notice, because Punisher is joining a team. Today the last Punisher comic by Rucka will be released and I am sure it will go out with guns blazin’. A character who is defined by his lone wolf status joining a team is just the kind of gimmicky tricks the big two have been using to attract the mythical “new readers.”

Don’t even get me started on “Marvel’s The Avengers,” because most of those character’s were created and drawn by Jack Kirby, and Marvel’s treatment of Kirby has pissed off many fans and creators.


Next Week: Why boycotting the big two will be easy, since creator-owned comics are killing it right now.